5 Reasons You Should Hate Capitalism

1. Capitalism Causes Inequality. Capitalism is the idea that the pothead who dropped out of college for extra gaming time should make less money than the engineering student who worked two jobs to pay his way through school.

This is wrong. Those two people should get the same income. I am outraged. Equality is inherently good, regardless of why equality exists.

2. Capitalism Exploits People. Capitalism exploits people by allowing anyone who can deliver pizza or push carts the ability to split an apartment with a friend or two, and have air conditioning, a full belly, video game consoles, cable TV, and a weight problem.

This exploits them because they should expect more stuff and there should be less work. I don’t know how to determine how much is enough, but that’s ok, because I feel strongly about this and I’m on the Internet. 

3. Capitalism Is Materialistic. Capitalism has made everyone spoiled. We think we need all this useless stuff that we don’t need and shouldn’t want.

That said, I am willing to throw a violent protest over the fact that I don’t think I have as much stuff as I should have in this system.

Materialism is bad, and I demand more free stuff.

4. Capitalism Is Elitist. Capitalism is the idea that the rare individual who spends a lifetime learning to design bridges should somehow have more resources at his disposal than than the guy who never did anything to better his education outside of high school. This is an outrage.

Just because you’re a more productive human being, have made better life choices, and have a better moral compass doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. Don’t judge me, you Pharisee.  

5. Capitalism Is Racist. Capitalism is racist because I believe black people aren’t able to help themselves without the white establishment giving them subsidies. Black people can’t handle economic freedom, because they are incapable without white help.  

That’s why capitalism is racist. Because black people can’t handle freedom without white help.

Thank you for reading. Reblog if you hate capitalism too.  

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