I truly hate this “be a man, lose the gun” ad campaign.


Women are now literally calling for men to be unable to defend themselves. What woman would ever go out with a man who is unable to protect her?

I wonder if this ad campaign will be attacked for being sexist, since not only men own guns…

I’m telling you, it’s that rejection of natural values thing I talk all the time about. It describes everything wrong with society.

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    Men protect their families. You are just the first to be killed in your family you unarmed lib pussy…
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    Your daily laugh everyone
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    Hahaha, YEAH RIGHT. I like my men with guns. I like my me with guns. If they don’t want their men with guns, BREAK UP...
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    I know a lot more girls that carry firearms than men.
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    "what woman would ever go out with a man who is unable to protect her?" the latest accessory
  14. podiumtoast said: I’d be open to this campaign if it ended with “…and pick up a sword and shield. Duke it out like the knights of old!”